Management Advancement Services

MAS Applied Psychological Services

MAS provides full-range Organization Development services for organizations wanting to increase their effectiveness.  Typically they are coping with significant change -- undergoing acquisition, merger, consolidation or rapid expansion.  Always, they need to adapt quickly and build long-term success.


How MAS works:

Assessment is always the first step.  Only a formal, comprehensive "Organizational Diagnosis" can provide the basis for realistic development efforts.  That's in sharp contrast to proceeding on the basis of assumptions and guesswork.

After assessment, MAS offers:

Training in better communications, teamwork, and supporting technologies to adapt to new requirements quickly and then build self-sustaining long-term strategies.

Executive development for individual upper-level managers preparing for major promotion.  Selection based on success in a previous position doesn't assure the skills and understandings necessary for success in the new one.  MAS does. 

Whole life renewal to guide individual transformation via coordinated physical, emotional, and cognitive strategies using a team of qualified heath professionals.  This intensive process typically takes one year.

Human factors engineering to create and refine interfaces between people and computers.


MAS no longer accepts new clients.  Follow-up support by e-mail and telephone is available at no charge to previous clients seeking to keep MAS projects on track.


Contact:  Send a message to MAS Professional Services